Hydrium Studio: Writing & Design for the awesome in mind.

I’m Dustin, creator/owner of Hydrium Studio, a platform for illustration, writing & design projects. Sure I own a house and work at job place, but those are just common adulting features and certainly can’t be the reason you’re here.

Truth is when I sprouted into this world I was designed to be an illustrator. My journey has been spent investing time and clarity around nature, consciousness & the cosmos.

In many ways, I see life set up like a comic. That’s not a bad thing. It gives the push needed to connect experience to environment, explore sustainable ideas and institutions, spark awareness towards non-conformity, and pioneer creativity.

Hydrium Studio: The name blends the words ‘hydrogen’ & ‘helium’, representing the essential elements for life. Passion for illustrating gives Hydrium Studio the edge in writing & design, for the awesome in mind.

NEW art, comics, projects, commissions & more always on the home page!

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2022 GR banner

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Dustin Coon, Owner

“When we meet again, we shall greet as friends.” -Hippie I met once in Pictured Rocks, MI

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