Hydrium Studio: Writing & Design for the awesome in mind.

“Captaining my domain, I keep turning the pages.
Educated, graduated and related to sages.”

I’m Dustin, owner of Hydrium Studio, an illustration, writing & design business. Been drawing my whole life, inspired by artists in my family, sci-fi culture, nature, and my studies in communication.

Here’s a short business bio where I break it down:

How much time and clarity do we invest for nature, consciousness, and sustainability?

In my art, I strive to connect experience to environment, provide sustainable ideas and institutions, spark awareness towards non-conformity, and pioneer creativity. There’s a primal drive in all of us to experience aesthetic euphoria, but don’t fear. Hydrium Studio has got your back, with a portfolio of drawings, stories and satire, ranging from comics to home goods and apparel.

Hydrium Studio: The name blends the words ‘hydrogen’ & ‘helium’, representing the essential elements for life. Passion for illustrating gives Hydrium Studio the edge in writing & design, for the awesome in mind.

In my drawings and comics, I always try to focus on transcending adversities and discovering the impact of willpower. You can help me make an impact! If you enjoy my art and become a patron, I can enhance the quality and range of my work. And that benefits everyone!


Dustin Coon, Owner

“When we meet again, we shall greet as friends.” -Hippie I met in Pictured Rocks

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