Warped Over

This page previews the sci-fi graphic novel series Warped Over, a spacetime saga beyond normal dimensions. An epic tale between father & son, after their colony of humans warped through a blackhole into a highly advanced alien galaxy.

The story begins from Earth, beyond the year 10,000 AD, after wormholes have been traveled for centuries. One voyage – meant to be a scientific odyssey – is sabotaged, warping the starship with its hundreds of passengers into a strange civilization where they must adjust as the new “aliens”. And there’s no going back.

In process of creating a storyboard and script to be expanded on.

The gallery below includes storyboard excerpts, characters, stellar comparisons and timelines.

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Storyboard Excerpts

Excerpts taken from storyboard draft of scene from Warped Over comic. What kinds of other-worldly aspirations can our hero look forward to?

pg. 5-6:
storyboard-pg-5-6pg. 7-8:


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