Writing Sample: Rivera, Elaborating the Best Coffee

“Short piece (no more than 250 words) why Rivera is a great coffee.”

Rivera, Elaborating the Best Coffee
By Dustin Coon

There’s nothing like roasting your brain trying to search for great specialty coffee.  It’s not just a cup o’ joe. Great coffee is inspiring and makes us feel more alive. The subtleties and nuances experienced throughout the process are what define the passion behind producing memorable coffee.

This passion follows the mission of Rivera, a coffee business whose ambition is to elaborate the best coffee. Reaching that status requires decades of research and dedication. In 1924, Rivera was founded. Its signature coffee farm was established with the mindset of top-quality, award-winning coffee. Recently, Rivera has placed 5 times in the Cup of Excellence.

A great coffee experience can really make us happy. Experts will taste thousands of coffees a year, paying attention to details of consistency, taste and expression. They will only work with credible, reliable partners and constantly research optimal land use. Rivera has committed to its great potential for high quality coffee in the Alotepec Mountain Range, near the highest peak in El Salvador.

Within the industry of great coffee, workers undergo rigorous training, ensuring they’re at the top of their craft. This extends to where great coffee is grown and cultured, and there’s no place better to enjoy what’s deserved than with Rivera.



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